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Concrete Floor Spalling and Flaking? We Can Help!


All concrete surfaces are bound to be subject to eventual spalling and flaking. This can be from natural causes or because the sealer that was used to protect the concrete was incorrectly installed. Both issues can be resolved in similar ways, however it is important to determine what exactly is causing the chipping and flaking in your concrete in order to prevent it from happening too often.





Improper Use of De-icers


One of the factors that can contribute to your concrete spalling and flaking is the excessive or improper use of de-icers. Most people tend to dump a lot of salt or de-icers on their concrete and leave it there until it melts all of the snow and ice away. This can damage your concrete in a number of ways:



  • The salt mixes with the melted snow and ice, forming salt water

  • The salt water has a lower freezing temperature and seeps into the porous concrete

  • The water will eventually freeze in the concrete, causing it to expand, creating

  • Spalling

  • Flaking 

  • As the moisture evaporates from the concrete the salt remains in the cracks

  • Eventually the salt recrystallizes in the pores of the concrete causing

  • Flaking

  • This process is called subflorescence

Damaged aged concrete salt damage over several years



This problem can be solved by a monitored use of de-icers. The proper way to use them is to evenly scatter them on the concrete and leave them there for a bit until the snow and ice loosens from the concrete. Once this happens, shovel the remaining salt and ice off of the concrete. This will help prevent the salt from sitting on the concrete for too long and causing more damage.



Improper Staining Techniques


Flaking and chipping can also occur if your concrete wasn’t stained properly. It is very important that the concrete is properly cleaned before the stain is applied. If there is any oil, moisture or dirt on the surface before the stain is applied it won’t stick properly, which will result in flaking or chipping.



The proper installation of a protective concrete coating will help prevent and fix any flaking and chipping. An epoxy concrete coating provides a wear resistant and chemical resistant surface for concrete porches. They are tough, long-lasting and will help prevent further flaking and chipping. A few of the benefits of using an epoxy coating are:

  • Moisture and stain resistant

  • Resists damage

  • Extends the life of your concrete

  • Easy to clean


Contact us today to get a free estimate with us at Enhanced Concrete Coatings to find out how we can help you solve all your concrete problems.













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