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Features and Benefits of Epoxy Coatings


Epoxy coatings offer the best balance of economy and quality that will transform your workspace into a practical and professional looking addition to your business. It is a tough, long-lasting coating that is painted directly onto concrete to make your flooring look and act its best. Read on to discover more of the benefits of epoxy coatings.




Protect Your Employees and Customers From Allergens


In 2010 the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson conducted a survey that suggested that over 10 million Canadians suffer from allergies, and that 55% of Canadians admit that their allergies significantly decrease their productivity. This means that approximately one in three of you

Pr employees suffer from allergies and are made less productive because of them. Epoxy coatings can help with this problem because they fill up porous concrete floors, which means that some of the main culprits of allergies (like mold, dust, and mildew) cannot reside in the floor. This type of flooring has this capability because it is not porous, which means that nothing can get inside of the concrete. Using epoxy coatings will help protect your employees and customers from feeling sick with allergies to return.

k, and in turn,  will make your employees more productive (and less likely to call in sick) and will encourage your customers w


Makes a Great First Impression


When professionally and correctly applied, epoxy acts as a high performance coating that will provide your office or work space with a professional look. This is a major step in attracting customers, who are enormously impacted by first impressions.


Tired and pitted concrete Filled, ground and epoxied with a saftey anti-slip additive

badly pitted aged concrete floor

Epoxy coated concrete floor with anti-slip additive


The pictures above are a before and after from a renovation we did for a business that included an epoxy coating with an anti-slip aggregate broadcasted over the entire factory floor.


Moisture and Stain-Resistant


Epoxy flooring is moisture resistant, which makes it the perfect choice for a business that deals with heavy machinery. It’s also great for office spaces because it makes them extremely easy to keep looking clean. The finish stays fresh for years and wipes clean like a kitchen counter.


Resists Damage


This flooring is impact and abrasion resistant, which means that you can drive fork lifts, operate heavy machinery, and move stock without having to worry. Likewise, dropped tools make no impact either.


Resurfacing Qualities


If your concrete flooring is cracked, stained and worn down then an epoxy coating is just what you need to resurrect it. Epoxy coatings are self-leveling and provide a smooth, polished finished that can cover up all the blemishes and failings of your current floor. It’s a great way to refresh your work space and you can even choose from a selection of colors or patterns to brighten your space up.


Concrete Preparation


Most cement floors will require a thorough cleaning and airing before an epoxy coat is applied. However, if you choose to use Enhanced Concrete Coatings to apply an epoxy coat you won’t have to worry about prepping your floor.


Easy to Clean


All you need to clean your epoxy coated floor is soap and water. This is because the coating is designed to resist moisture and stains, so any dirt or oil will come off extremely easily.


If you’re in the market to redesign or redefine your work space, or if your floor just needs a face-lift, an epoxy coating will fully satisfy all your needs and then some to create a professional looking business space!








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