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Scofield Concrete Products


Here at Garage Enhancements and Enhanced Concrete Coatings we work closely with Scofield to provide you with the highest quality products in concrete flooring.








Some of our flooring services from Scofield include:


Integral Colour Colour Hardener Stains and Dyes Ground and Polished
Provides permanent, streak free colour and reduces heat absorbed from the sun A concrete skin that improves surface durability, available in bright or subtle colours An easy, quick way to change the colour of your concrete, available in subtle or vibrant colours This treatment provides your polished concrete with a longer life, protection, and a clean finish



Texturing Toppings Colour Restoration Curing and Sealing
Using an interlocking pattern tool and embossing skins we can add texture and patterns to your concrete A thin concrete decorative layer that bonds directly to existing concrete, also reduces urban heat island effect Improves the appearance of unsealed colour or uncoloured concrete Protects your concrete floors with colour-matching properties that ensures a beautiful final product












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