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The Benefits of Using Polished Flooring as the Flooring for Your Business


Polished concrete has a very competitive advantage over other types of flooring for businesses. This is partially because it uses materials that already exist within the buidling. Most modern buildings are built upon a concrete slab and it's this original slab that is turned into polished concrete without the use of outside materials to create a floor covering. For a better understanding of the benefits of polished concrete, read on.




The Top Three Reasons Why You Should Have a Polished Concrete Floor:


Cosmetic Appearance

The creation of polished concrete floors includes smoothing and shining the existing concrete with an extreme fine diamond grinder. This process results in a design that has a very natural stone finish and appears expensive and elegant. Polished concrete also has the option of having decorative finishings that will enhance any showroom or office space. It comes in a wide variety of colours and designs, which makes it ideal for people who value a natural, appealing, and functional look.


Protects from Dusts and Allergens

Most businesses have made it part of their protocol to ask incoming clients/employees whether they have any allergies because they have become such a common afflicaiton. Normal concrete slabs are porous, which allows them to trap things like dust, moisture, and allergens very easily. The process of turning normal concrete into polished concrete results in a non-porous flooring that will not trap things that will cause health and safety issues. Whether your business involves the medical field, the food industry, or even financial management allergies and dusts should always be taken into consideration and protected against.


Easy Maintenance

Because polished concrete does not trap dusts it makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain. It's a very hard and durable substance that can resist all kinds of spills, scratches and abrasions. Once you have a polished concrete floor it only needs to be refinished every 5-10 years. This can be done professionally or on your on, but it's a cheap and simple process that does not take up very much time. You simply need a diamond grinder that will buff out any stains or scratches that have managed to damage the floor and will leave your floor looking glossy and new.


Other Reason to Have a Polished Concrete Floor


  • Polished concrete floors are completely resistant to fire
  • Extremely reflective, making your room brighter with less electricity used
    • Can increase light reflectivity tp up 300% which will save you money on energy bills
  • Hard and durable, improved resistance to abrasion, strength, and thermal conductivity
    • This causes it to have a long life expectancy
  • Lower lifetime cost
  • Environmentally friendly

Polished concrete is extremely versatile and can be used in both businesses and homes. It’s a great floor choice for workspaces, lobbies, and hallways. It’s affordable, low-maintenance, and energy efficient, among many other things. To find out if this flooring is the right choice for your business fill out our free estimate form and we will be in touch with you in no time!











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